News for Notaries

Government refreshes long awaited plans for tougher payment laws  Added on  15/12/2016
A new government release has reiterated its commitment to introduce the long-awaited tougher payment reporting laws, now due to take effect from April 2017.  read more

Online Shopping Fraud  Added on  15/12/2016
As we enter the busy Christmas shopping period it’s useful to remember there can be risks associated with shopping online. If something seems too much of a bargain it could well be of poor quality, counterfeit or non-existent. If making a purchase from an auction or re-sale site…  read more

Couples fall out of love with weddings abroad reports the Evening Standard  Added on  16/11/2016
New figures show couples are apparently falling out of love with the idea of overseas ceremonies in the wake of the Brexit vote. The Standard reports that at the height of the overseas wedding trend, 1.5 million people headed abroad from Britain to celebrate marriages around the world.  That is a lot of notarial work no longer required!   read more

Important Consular Update – UAE Consulate  Added on  03/11/2016
I am writing to update our Notaries that the UAE Consulate changed their requirements for legalisation of educational certificates with immediate effect.   read more

Homegroups for Seamless, Instant Sharing Between PCs  Added on  09/08/2016
The simplest way to share files between two Windows machines, and it takes seconds to set up. Any computer running Windows 7 or 10 can join the homegroup.   read more

Improve-dropbox-security  Added on  04/08/2016
We at MyNotary are taking a close look at cybercrime prevention; for now, we briefly consider the popular use of Drobox.  Dropbox has had its share of security woes over the years.  read more

EU Regulation on the Free Movement of Certain Public Documents  Added on 14/07/2016
With all the coverage of Brexit this new EU Regulation, signed into law on the 6th July 2016, may have slipped under radar. What does this mean for notaries? read more

How many emails can I send a day?  Added on 12/06/2016
Each address listed in the CC and BCC fields counts against your daily limit… read more

How to make changes to a PDF formatted document Added on 10/05/2016 
If a document is sent to you as a PDF (portable document format) it is possible to convert this to Word format using add-on software available from Adobe at a small cost… read more

A note about language and translations Added on 28/04/2016 
NOTARIES PRACTICE RULES 2014: 12. Language 12.3 A notary may not … unless he has satisfied himself as to its meaning … a way to ascertain meaning is to use… read more

Here is a useful download: Added on 06/04/2016
“Documents that can be legalised by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office”… read more

Check if documents can be legalised Added on 17/03/2016
Which documents do you want legalised? Use this Foreign Office tool to check if your document can be legalised read more

Spain: Time shares and Scams Added on 19/02/2016 
By the time client gets to see you the notary they may have already handed over sums of money to firms claiming they can sell-on your timeshare… read more

Aspects of Spanish Law of Interest to Notarial Clients Added on 03/01/2016
Why is this topic of interest to English and Welsh notaries? This is because we at MyNotary expect to see a significant rise in the number of Powers of Attorney for… read more